Fitness for the Over 50s 3DVD Sets
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F5XG  Fitness for the Over 50s 3DVD Sets

Complete keep fit routines help you stay mobile and healthy in just 15 minutes per day.

- INCRESASE FLEXIBILITY with easy stretching excercises make you supple and relaxed.
- STRENGTHEN MUSCLES to slow the ageing process and even prevent certain illnesses.
- GET INTO SHAPE strengthens the heart, bone density and increases co-ordination.

Also available:
- FITNESS VOLUME 2 helps preperation, stretching, balance and co-ordination.
- FITNESS VOLUME 3 works on muscle tone, active walking and gentle gym.

Price just 14.99 per 3-DVD set (saves 5.00 - mrrp 19.99), or all three for 39.95 - saving 20 off mrrps.

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